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Our Steel Building Systems

We offer customized, value-driven results to satisfy our clients’ unique steel building needs and high standards. SEA CON’s diverse range of in-house professional services is perfectly suited to any major commercial / industrial construction building project, large or small. We’re your premier full service pre-engineered and hybrid steel building systems construction contractor serving the Pacific Northwest.

Federal Express Hanger Building - Anchorage

Pre-Engineered Steel Systems

Pre-engineered steel is designed to be fabricated using best suited inventory of raw materials available from all sources and manufacturing methods that can efficiently satisfy a wide range of structural and aesthetic design requirements. Within some geographic industry sectors these buildings are also called pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMB) or, as is becoming increasingly common due to the reduced amount of pre-engineering involved in custom computer-aided building designs, simply engineered metal buildings (EMB).

Hybrid Steel Building Systems

Hybrid building systems are designed using both structural steel framing and pre-engineered metal building system components. This allows for more complicated primary framing systems while utilizing the economy of standardized PEMB components. These systems provide numerous design build advantages to specialized industrial and heavy construction projects. Technical advances in construction products and building materials provides countless options for exterior finishes such as masonry, stucco, wood, glass, metal or concrete panels.

Pacific Coast Canola Building Framing
Structural Steel Building

Structural Steel Building Systems

Structural steel is a category of steel used for making construction materials in a variety of shapes. Many structural steel shapes take the form of an elongated beam having a profile of a specific cross section. Structural steel shapes, sizes, chemical composition, mechanical properties such as strengths, storage practices, etc., are regulated by standards in most industrialized countries.

Light Gauge Steel Framing Systems

Light gauge steel construction is very similar to wood framed construction in principle – the wooden framing members are replaced with thin steel sections. The steel sections used here are called cold formed sections, meaning that the sections are formed, or given shape at room temperature. This is in contrast to thicker hot rolled sections that are shaped while the steel is molten hot. Cold formed steel is shaped by guiding thin sheets of steel through a series of rollers, each roller changing the shape very slightly, with the net result of converting a flat sheet of steel into a C or S-shaped section.

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